Kate Harding pose 6 5X7 @124ppi for web.


My second mountain is all about yoga.

In my earlier years, I never would have guessed I'd turn into a yogi. I was not a dancer, a gymnast, or an athlete. In fact, I didn't even make my high school drill team. I was studious and stiff.

After a divorce in my 30s, one day out of curiosity I walked into a local yoga studio and was blessed by an outstanding teacher (Janice Gates) and a practice that would change my life. 

Over the past 20 years, I have learned from many other expert teachers, including Judith Hanson Lasater, Doron Hanoch, and Tashi Dawa. I meld this experience into my own unique supportive style, where movement is tied to breath and effort is balanced with ease. Both experienced and new yogis find I give them the challenge and the support they need to deeply enjoy the practice.

I am thrilled that I feel more vibrant and stronger at 59 than I did in my 30s.

I am a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and am based in Sonoma County, California.